Our goal is to make massage an integral part. healthy lifestyle of modern man
Classic massage

Classic wellness massage is a technique of manual dosed action on the skin, underlying tissues, muscles, ligament apparatus, organs. The specialist conducts exposure by kneading, stroking and multidirectional rubbing. As a result, blood circulation is stimulated, the innervation of organs and tissues, and lymph flow improves.

Aroma massage

Aroma massage is one of the types of massage that is becoming increasingly popular among the population. This is essentially the same massage, but with the use of essential oils. Essential oils, due to their low weight, very quickly penetrate the skin. There already blood and lymph transports oil to every cell of your body. .


According to the principle of action, the therapeutic massage is similar to a classic relaxing massage - it also accelerates blood, eliminates muscle clamps, improves blood circulation and lymph flow. The main difference is that classic massage affects only the skin and muscles, while the healing one works deeper, affecting the circulatory, nervous and lymphatic systems, internal organs.

Can massage (+ therapeutic)

A can massage is a medical procedure based on the rendering of an active influence on the human body with the help of a vacuum, which is created in a special jar designed for massage. The special advantage of canned massage lies in the fact that in the places of suction of cans to the body, blood circulation and lymphatic circulation in the tissues, skin and organs increase, the tissues are actively nourished.

Sport massage

A special technique of performing sports massage helps to prepare the body for heavy loads. Muscles and joints warm up in such a way as to fully reveal their functionality. For those who want to achieve high results, this procedure is no less important than regular loads and grueling workouts..

Authors Oasis massage

Our masters are professionals in their field, and we have developed our own massage technique, choosing the best elements from the most diverse types of massage.

Swedish massage

The Swedish massage system differs from other well-known methods in that it is an excellent diagnostic method. Swedish massage is often used not only as a therapeutic agent, but also as a preventive measure. With it, a person can get rid of various ailments of the musculoskeletal system, as well as problems with internal organs.

Thai massage

Thai massage, or “yoga massage”, is a holistic healing system that includes a variety of methods of influence, such as deep pressure on muscle tissue, passive exercises resembling yoga postures, reflexology, stretching, opening joints, activating the flow of energy in the human body, acupressure.